The RageBridge 2 Indiegogo Campaign

It is time.

We’ve heard your cries for MORE RAGE! and are now answering with the much-anticipated RageBridge 2. We took the best features of RageBridge and improved upon packaging, reliability, and the accuracy and speed of the current limiting algorithm.

  • Newer MOSFETs and optimized switching speeds mean RageBridge 2 can handle more current than ever – 50 amps continuously (forever!).
  • New in RageBridge 2 is the “single channel” option, locking both sides in synchrony to allow you to run one higher-current motor!
  • Automatically-selecting inputs. Plug in an analog joystick and you have an instant electric vehicle controller. Give it an R/C radio and drive your robot or ROV! Send it serial packets and have lightning-fast, glitch-free response. All while your load is protected by the current limiting algorithm.

We hope RageBridge 2 will become a new standard in DC motor controllers, and we need YOUR help to get there! See our Indiegogo campaign below: