The Rage Returns (Again!): RageBridge v2.1 Now In Stock

After a little bit of a delay, we’re proud to announce that we have RageBridge 2 back in stock! But wait… There’s more: Listening to user feedback and learning from our mistakes, we’ve updated RageBridge to the new 2.1 specification. Here’s what’s different:

RageBridge 2.1 Changelog

Ragebridge Two Receivers

  • It’s now safe to wire multiple RageBridge units to the same receiver! The onboard receiver power supply has been modified to permit this. No more pulling the red wire, choosing a favorite Rage, and making the others in your bot feel bad!
  • The power traces have been modified slightly to no longer require the insulating washer hotfix on the side with output wires.

All orders placed recently during the Backorder period will be filled with this new edition!