Rage in a Box

Case for Ragebridge 2It’s your Rage in a box! These high-strength 3D-printed ABS cases for RageBridge 2 help shield the controller from contaminants such as loose metal shavings and debris picked up from the environment, which can all pose short-circuit hazards to the board.

Keep your RageBridge 2 running in unfriendly territories with Rage in a Box.

Two types are available:

  • A standard case which covers the board except for the input pins, which also grabs onto the large input capacitors to prevent them from moving!
  • A fan case which takes a common 50mm x 10mm DC fan. The forced air cooling from a fan can boost RageBridge 2’s current rating to 60A per side continuous (Tested using a 5V, 10.5 CFM fan)


Installation & Usage Instructions

ragecase undersideSimply snap Rage-in-a-Box over the circuit board such that it is flush with the bottom of the RageBridge 2 heat sink.  Use the same 4 bolt holes to mount the case and RageBridge 2 to your mounting surface – the required minimum screw length to clear both case and RageBridge 2 heat sink is 3/8″ (10mm).


ragecase screwsFor stand-alone installation (where the RageBridge 2 is not bolted to a mounting surface), the four heat sink holes may be tapped #6-32 or M4, and a 3/8″ (10mm) long screw used to fasten the case to the RageBridge 2 heat sink.



ragecase4For the fan case, you can use the 5V fan power port on RageBridge 2 directly by soldering the fan wires to the pin holes, taking note of correct polarity. Make sure to leave enough fan lead length such that you can snap the case off and put it aside for service if needed!



Important note: Using the standard case, RageBridge 2 must be heat sunk to a thermally conductive surface to maintain its output ratings. Operation with the controller enclosed without further cooling is not characterized.


Source files for this product are available under the CC-BY-SA unless specifically outlined within the source file:

You can 3D print your own Rage-in-a-Box from the above files (such as with our special translucent aqua PLA!), or use them as starting points in your custom design. Be aware that the files are carefully designed to the tolerances of our 3D printers and may not work directly with your own without fine tuning.