Translucent Aqua PLA Filament

Translucent Aqua PLAEquals Zero Designs teamed up with renowned 3D printing supply company MatterHackers to bring this LIMITED PRODUCTION 1.75mm diameter translucent aqua PLA to you! This was a color created just for Equals Zero Designs for our shenanigans, and now we’re making the excess available to everyone. There was only a single run of this material, so get yours right now! Available in 1 kilogram spools which fit most hobby 3D printers on the market.




The material is a USA-made high-grade PLA – that’s Poly[Lactic acid], a popular 3D printing material, the same as MatterHackers’ PRO Series. PLA is well known for being easy to print with, retaining details, enabling fine layer heights, and being permissive of surface finishing. But beyond the properties alone, the color is a gorgeous translucent aqua, modeled after our favorite virtual pop music sensation, Hatsune Miku.

In thin walls, the print is translucent and crystalline, making it great for backlit pieces and bright environments. Printed in thicker sections, it fades to an even tropical ocean-like aqua tone.

We recommend a print temperature of 190 to 210 degrees Celsius and a layer height of between 0.1 and 0.25mm. The exact parameters will depend on your printer.

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