Hall Effect Sensor Adapter

Need a mounting solution for adding Hall Effect sensors to your outrunner, that are custom-shaped to fit your motor? Check out these Hall Effect Sensor Adapter rings! They are designed to mate with the Hall Effect Sensor Boards for a specific motor size. You may optionally create your own motor accessories from the convenient mounting points.

80mm Motors

63mm Motors

50mm Motors

42mm Motors


These adapter rings are produced to exactly fit the mounting faceplates of several different types of R/C outrunner motors. You must select the correct motor type. See below for examples of what the motor mounting faceplates look like. We currently offer the following sizes:

  • 42mm “SK3” style These are exclusive to Hobbyking.
  • 42mm “NTM” style Even though the NTM label is exclusive to Hobbyking, the same faceplate may be found elsewhere.
  • 50mm “SK3” style. The SK3-5045 has a different face from the rest.
  • 50mm “NTM” style.
  • 59mm “SK3” style. These are exclusive to Hobbyking. These motors are called “SK3-63xx” but are actually 59mm in diameter.
  • AXi Gold series 53xx Non-HD (63mm diameter)
  • Tacon 160 (63mm diameter)
  • 63mm “C” style. Found commonly on motors with the designation “C63xx”.
  • 63mm “G” style. Found commonly on motors with the designation “G6xxx”. Example.
  • 63mm “Alien Power” style. These motors are produced and sold by Alien Power Systems.
  • 80mm “C” style. Found commonly on motors with the designation “C80xx”
  • 80mm “Alien Power” style. These motors are produced and sold by Alien Power Systems.

We are working on developing other sizes. The popularity of a style of motor in applications strongly influences model development. If you do not see your type of motor in the list, feel free to suggest a new model, or ask for a custom design. There is a $10 engineering fee for custom designs; requests should be submitted to our contact e-mail.

If you are not sure your motor is a specific style, feel free to send us an e-mail with an image to double-check!


These Hall Effect Sensor Adapters are made using filament-deposition 3D printing from a high temperature ABS plastic. They have thick base rings and integrated standoffs that maximize stiffness and position your sensor solution directly over the rotor magnets of the R/C outrunner.

They are designed with precise conical tapers to seat tightly over the mounting face of the motor when it is mounted flush with a surface such as a bulkhead or the motor’s provided X-shaped mounting flange. These conical tapers are precisely why the motor type must be selected correctly – they are exclusive to motor types.

In the Kit

The Hall Effect Sensor Adapter kit comes with the following:

  • Adapter ring for your motor type, made of high-temperature ABS plastic
  • Two #4 threadforming screws for plastic
  • Two #4 nylon washers

You provide:

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