DeWut?! 3 Speed Gearmotor Kit

DeWut OverallThis mounting kit converts a DeWalt 397892 series 3-speed transmission and the DeWalt 396505 series 12, 14.4, or 18 volt motor into a finished, ready-to-use gearmotor with 3 selectable speeds, a 1/2″ keyed output shaft riding in dual ball bearings, and adjustable torque clutch setting using the existing gearbox clutch.

DeWalt transmissions and motors have been staples in robotic drivetrains for many years. But like any integrated consumer product, the gearbox itself is oddly shaped, not attached to the motor, and its output shaft is a custom irregular polygon! What could you possibly do? We take care of the hard part for you with this gearbox kit.


Quick Specifications

These are typical ratings assuming an 18 volt DeWalt 396505 type motor.

Low: 51.2:1
Medium: 17.1:1
High: 12.8:1
Output Speed
Low: 450 RPM
Medium: 1450 RPM
High: 2000 RPM
2.5″ square x 6.1″ long (not including shaft)
2.9 lb with shaft
Case Material
6061 aluminum
Output Shaft
1/2″ with 1/8″ keyway x 3″


  • Compatibility with DeWalt 396505 and 629151 series motors, 397892 transmission
  • All 6061 billet construction from the front gearbox mounting face to the motor mounting clamp, with 12 mounting holes on 3 different faces
  • A574 (Grade 8 strength) socket cap screw tie rods and motor mounting screws
  • 1566 steel 1/2″ keyed output shaft with ANSI standard 1/8″ keyway
  • Dual 1/2″ bearings for direct attachment to loads – no need for an external bearing
  • Integrated torque clutch adjustment via tightening a single screw, from almost no torque to fully locked


  • Mounting kit, with 1/2″ keyed shaft. Provide your own 3-speed gearbox and motor. Comes with billet gearbox mounts, preassembled output shaft, and all necessary hardware
  • Fully Assembled. A ready-to-use DeWalt 3-speed transmission mated to an 18v DeWalt motor with integrated output shaft

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