Brushless Rage

6-FET and 12-FET models of Brushless RageBridgeIntroducing the long-awaited Brushless RageBridge! It’s taken months of development, but we’ve finally figured out how to add a 3rd wire to RageBridge to control those pesky brushless motors.

Brushless Rage takes the no-frills, reliable power of RageBridge and adds the power density and unrivaled performance of BLDC electric motors!


We introduce Brushless RageBridge as an expandable module-based platform for you to configure to many applications, from EVs to robot drivetrains to large-scale electric models and drones.

  • The SimonK Signal Board ports the legendary multirotor racing & acrobatics firmware, with its robust sensorless starting and reversing ability, to our own hardware which has been tuned specifically for ground applications: robotic drivetrains and electric vehicles. Configurable with commonly available USB adapters and the KKMulticopter Tool. Build your own power stage to drive comically large motors with battery bus voltages up to 90V in! Or, you can pair it with one of our premade matched power stages:
  • The 6-fet Power Board uses the latest generation MOSFETs and capacitors and is rated to 14S lithium batteries (52V nominal systems) and 60A continuous in robotic traction & drivetrain applications, or 125A in R/C model propulsion systems (e.g. propellers, ducted fans, marine thrusters). And that’s a rating you can trust: We wouldn’t put a number on it until it’s been proven in battle! We recommend using this controller for brushless outrunners up to 50mm diameter or inrunners up to 45mm.
  • The 12-fet Power Board enables a Brushless RageBridge combo to control up to 120A continuous in robot traction & drivetrain applications and 250A in R/C model propulsion systems. This board should handle most outrunner brushless motors up to 80mm diameter or long-can 45 and 50mm inrunners, such as EDF drives.
  • The 36-fet Ludicrous Power Board…. hang on, we’re getting ahead of ourselves here.

More information on these modules below!

Quick Specifications

Voltage Input Range
20V to 60V (SimonK Signal Board)
Up to 60V (6FET and 12FET Power Boards)
Control Scheme Sensorless Block Commutation (SimonK Signal Board)
Switching Frequency
21KHz (SimonK Signal Board)
Synchronous rectification with regenerative braking default
Inputs 1ch R/C Servo, 1100-1900us reversible default (SimonK Signal Board)
Size 1.6″ x 1.6″ x 0.2″ (SimonK Signal Board)
2.75″ x 2″ x 1.1″ (6FET Power Board)
4.3″ x 2″ x 1.1″ (12FET Power Board)
Weight 1oz (SimonK Signal Board)
3oz (6FET Power Board)
7oz (12FET Power Board)
Heat Management
Aluminum heat spreader plate

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More Information

Brushless RageBridge is designed as an expandable platform for the brushless experimenter. With a Signal Board and Power Board, a complete ESC can be made, but each half can actually be used on its own in your custom application!

The SimonK Signal Board is a carefully tuned variant of the open-source SimonK multirotor & drone ESC firmware. Originally developed for quicker response for aerobatics, it features many tunable parameters and is considered to be a more robust firmware for applications needing to overcome inertia, such as robot and EV drivetrains as well as large propellers. We tuned SimonK using our own robots and vehicles to start and reverse most sensorless BLDC motors reliably, with a mere 2.1% minimum duty cycle. Many settings are changeable using a AfroESC USB adapter (or similar USB flashing tools) on a dedicated 3-pin connector, communicating with the KKMulticopter Flash Tool. Programming instructions can be found in the User Manual and Tuning Guide.

Powerful 4.5 amp peak gate drivers and heavily optimized noise isolation, plus an opto-isolated input, enable you to pair it with very large output transistors to drive outsize loads. Up to 60v input voltages mean you can run higher than usual system voltages for maximum efficiency.

We recommend the SimonK Signal Board be used only in dynamic applications, i.e. loads which carry and change velocity frequently, and do not recommend its use in loads which require sensitive position or torque control.

The 6-FET and 12-FET power boards use the latest generation Infineon surface-mount flat-package MOSFETs on an isolated aluminum heat sink for maximum current throughput and switching efficiency at up to 60V maximum. We put enough bus capacitance on these boards to handle their continuous rated current forever at partial duty cycles, and 4oz double-sided traces complete the robust and reliable power handling package.

Both power boards feature onboard phase voltage sensing and two current sense resistors on the phase outputs. Mate these power stages to your own logic board through the common interface connector to create your own motor controller. Want something smarter than R/C? Don’t wait for us, build it yourself!

Source files for this product are available under the CC-BY-SA unless specifically outlined within the source file: