June Updates: Sensor Adapter Madness!

Here at Equals Zero, we try to stay on top of the latest developments in the hobby electric vehicle world. We count on your feedback and purchases to see when it’s time to develop a new model of Hall sensor mount for R/C outrunners.

Some of our customers recently have discovered that the SK3 63-54 line have an entirely different face design than the 6364 and 6374! We’re not sure why either, but we’ve developed a Hall sensor adapter to fit:

SK3 63-54 If you have a 63-54 type motor, please select the appropriate option from the Hall Effect Sensor Adapters page when purchasing.

Additionally, we’re aware that there may be in fact several different types of 80mm “C” motor in existence, and that the “C” adapter doesn’t properly fit some of them. We’re monitoring this particular situation and will update the design or develop a new one when it is confirmed!

As always, if you’re unsure about which type your motor is, feel free to contact us with a photo first. If we’re not sure either, you may elect to mail your motor to us and we will create a custom Hall sensor adapter just for it!