Equals Zero Products Place at Dragon*Con Robot Battles 2013

We’re proud to announce that the first and second place finishers at Robot Battles 2013 in the 30lb division ran RageBridge motor controllers! In first place is Nyx from Near Chaos Robotics, which used one RageBridge for powering its drivetrain:


Nyx is a heavily drive-centric pushing and lifting bot, so it was an excellent application of the RageBridge’s fine low-speed controllability and current-limiting function.

The 30lber runner-up is no other than our very own Überclocker, which ran RageBridges for both drivetrain and its multiple-articulated lifting fork:

RageBridge’s smart constant-current mode was crucial to the reliable functionality of the lifting fork and clamp. Without it, the motors powering these parts past their mechanical limits would have resulted in very high current draw and destruction of either motor or controller! RageBridge quickly cuts back the current to your preset level before terrible things can happen.

Furthermore, Überclocker uses three of our DeWut?! motors; two for drive, and one for lifting the main fork. The DeWuts pair extremely well in power with what RageBridge can supply, and the two combined are a formidable and demonstrated reliable combination for your robot.

Check out the heartstoppingly close finals match between these two bots!

Finally, placing third in the 12lb category, is Überclocker’s smaller twin, 12 O’Clocker:

Both 12 O’Clocker and Überclocker used one RageBridge for driving and another for actuating the fork and clamp motors.

Do you have an interesting application of Equals Zero products? Send us a link to a picture or build report at e0designs [at] e0designs.com!