Equals Zero Designs at Dragon Con 2016!

We hope you enjoyed our run at BattleBots this year with Equals Zero Robotics! You can see the fight report for Overhaul vs. Beta here. Even though Overhaul ended up not doing that well, BattleBots Season 2 still saw RageBridge being used in nearly a dozen robots, some to great success such as Blacksmith and Bombshell.

Dragon Con 2016 is this weekend! This means we won’t be shipping orders until 9/14 – any orders placed between 8/30 and 9/14 will ship the week of 9/14. Join us at Dragon Con – Overhaul & Equals Zero Robotics will be there, and Charles will be speaking and presenting on several panels over the weekend. Finally, make sure to check out Robot Battles 60 on Sunday and Monday, where you might see something very familiar…

Tiny Overhaul, or BattleBots Filmed in Macro?