Brushless Rage documentation updated! Shipping begins this week!

there are too many brushless ragesWe’re excited to begin shipping Brushless Rage preorders this week! Thanks to everyone who preordered. Fully 60% of the production run is going into our preorders alone, from all over the world!

In support of our mission to create and disseminate the best solutions for high-performance power systems accessible to the hobbyist, we have timed our Brushless Rage documentation release with initial shipments. These include schematic files, CAD models, and even the signal interface used between the Brushless Rage signal and power boards!

We want Brushless Rage to not only succeed on its own as a product but to be used as the basis of experiments and potential new products!

So head over to the Brushless Rage site and check out the new links at the bottom. And as always, if you end up installing Brushless Rage into something interesting, shoot us an e-mail and we’ll feature you on this site and our social media pages! You can find us on Facebook here.