An exciting year for Equals Zero Designs! BattleBots Season 2 and the Release of RageBridge 2

It’s good to be back! After a few months spent pushing RageBridge 2 to production following our wildly successful Indiegogo campaign, we’re ready to make it generally available for everyone. Dozens of preordered units have been proven in the field now, and the early backers have given us a chance to pound out the last few bugs and make some minor edits to the firmware so RageBridge 2 can perform flawlessly in nearly any application.RageBridge 2The timing is excellent, because we’re also proud to announce Equals Zero Robotics, our competitive robotics sports division and “factory racing team”, for BattleBots Season 2 and onwards! During Season 1, Equals Zero Robotics was part of Team JACD. Now, JACD members are forging ahead with their own entries – so check out the Team JACD facepage for info on that.

One of the founding foals of Equals Zero Designs was to make engineering and making accessible to as many people as possible based on the principles of open-source and transparent development, as well as encouraging learning-by-doing by making our products highly customizable.

In this spirit, we plan on documenting the entire design and build process of Overhaul 2 and, after the season has run its course and the TV episodes have finished airing, making public the design and fabrication documentation for the robot including CAD models, technical drawings, and design analyses. We want to make Overhaul 2 the first “open source” BattleBot, and it will be packing a whole lot of new and interesting technologies to push the sport foward! Overhaul 2’s build reports will be kept over at Charles’ website,

Thanks to all of our customers, supporters, RageBridge 2 campaign backers, and fans for making 2016 potentially the most exciting year for Equals Zero Designs yet!

Stay tuned!