Equals Zero Designs goes to BattleBots 2018!


Equals Zero Designs is proud to return to BattleBots this year with our factory racing team Equals Zero Robotics! We’ll be dealing RageBridges, brushed and otherwise, at the event to support all the other builders. Overhaul this year is finally running 100% brushless and 100% Rage! OH_blackwireframe-fbbannerWe will be gone from 3/31 to 4/17 – all orders placed on and between those days will ship after 4/17. For RageBridges, you can order from our distributors Adafruit Industries and Robot Marketplace!

Brushless Rage documentation updated! Shipping begins this week!

there are too many brushless ragesWe’re excited to begin shipping Brushless Rage preorders this week! Thanks to everyone who preordered. Fully 60% of the production run is going into our preorders alone, from all over the world!

In support of our mission to create and disseminate the best solutions for high-performance power systems accessible to the hobbyist, we have timed our Brushless Rage documentation release with initial shipments. These include schematic files, CAD models, and even the signal interface used between the Brushless Rage signal and power boards!

We want Brushless Rage to not only succeed on its own as a product but to be used as the basis of experiments and potential new products!

So head over to the Brushless Rage site and check out the new links at the bottom. And as always, if you end up installing Brushless Rage into something interesting, shoot us an e-mail and we’ll feature you on this site and our social media pages! You can find us on Facebook here.

The Rage Returns (Again!): RageBridge v2.1 Now In Stock

After a little bit of a delay, we’re proud to announce that we have RageBridge 2 back in stock! But wait… There’s more: Listening to user feedback and learning from our mistakes, we’ve updated RageBridge to the new 2.1 specification. Here’s what’s different:

RageBridge 2.1 Changelog

Ragebridge Two Receivers

  • It’s now safe to wire multiple RageBridge units to the same receiver! The onboard receiver power supply has been modified to permit this. No more pulling the red wire, choosing a favorite Rage, and making the others in your bot feel bad!
  • The power traces have been modified slightly to no longer require the insulating washer hotfix on the side with output wires.

All orders placed recently during the Backorder period will be filled with this new edition!


Equals Zero Designs at Dragon Con 2016!

We hope you enjoyed our run at BattleBots this year with Equals Zero Robotics! You can see the fight report for Overhaul vs. Beta here. Even though Overhaul ended up not doing that well, BattleBots Season 2 still saw RageBridge being used in nearly a dozen robots, some to great success such as Blacksmith and Bombshell.

Dragon Con 2016 is this weekend! This means we won’t be shipping orders until 9/14 – any orders placed between 8/30 and 9/14 will ship the week of 9/14. Join us at Dragon Con – Overhaul & Equals Zero Robotics will be there, and Charles will be speaking and presenting on several panels over the weekend. Finally, make sure to check out Robot Battles 60 on Sunday and Monday, where you might see something very familiar…

Tiny Overhaul, or BattleBots Filmed in Macro?

BattleBots Update – Overhaul 2 vs. Cobalt!

No, not that BattleBots Update! Our “factory racing team” Equals Zero Robotics went to BattleBots 2016 with Overhaul 2 this year, and our first match has aired! Charles has the scoop on the match between Overhaul 2 and Cobalt here.


You can support Equals Zero Robotics by purchasing team gear here on the BattleBots store, and Equals Zero Designs by continuing to use our products in battle! RageBridge 2 units are in stock, ready to ship, and feature in a lot of BattleBots Season 2 entries – we’ll highlight some of them here soon.

An exciting year for Equals Zero Designs! BattleBots Season 2 and the Release of RageBridge 2

It’s good to be back! After a few months spent pushing RageBridge 2 to production following our wildly successful Indiegogo campaign, we’re ready to make it generally available for everyone. Dozens of preordered units have been proven in the field now, and the early backers have given us a chance to pound out the last few bugs and make some minor edits to the firmware so RageBridge 2 can perform flawlessly in nearly any application.RageBridge 2The timing is excellent, because we’re also proud to announce Equals Zero Robotics, our competitive robotics sports division and “factory racing team”, for BattleBots Season 2 and onwards! During Season 1, Equals Zero Robotics was part of Team JACD. Now, JACD members are forging ahead with their own entries – so check out the Team JACD facepage for info on that.

One of the founding foals of Equals Zero Designs was to make engineering and making accessible to as many people as possible based on the principles of open-source and transparent development, as well as encouraging learning-by-doing by making our products highly customizable.

In this spirit, we plan on documenting the entire design and build process of Overhaul 2 and, after the season has run its course and the TV episodes have finished airing, making public the design and fabrication documentation for the robot including CAD models, technical drawings, and design analyses. We want to make Overhaul 2 the first “open source” BattleBot, and it will be packing a whole lot of new and interesting technologies to push the sport foward! Overhaul 2’s build reports will be kept over at Charles’ website, etotheipiplusone.net.

Thanks to all of our customers, supporters, RageBridge 2 campaign backers, and fans for making 2016 potentially the most exciting year for Equals Zero Designs yet!

Stay tuned!

The RageBridge 2 Indiegogo Campaign

It is time.

We’ve heard your cries for MORE RAGE! and are now answering with the much-anticipated RageBridge 2. We took the best features of RageBridge and improved upon packaging, reliability, and the accuracy and speed of the current limiting algorithm.

  • Newer MOSFETs and optimized switching speeds mean RageBridge 2 can handle more current than ever – 50 amps continuously (forever!).
  • New in RageBridge 2 is the “single channel” option, locking both sides in synchrony to allow you to run one higher-current motor!
  • Automatically-selecting inputs. Plug in an analog joystick and you have an instant electric vehicle controller. Give it an R/C radio and drive your robot or ROV! Send it serial packets and have lightning-fast, glitch-free response. All while your load is protected by the current limiting algorithm.

We hope RageBridge 2 will become a new standard in DC motor controllers, and we need YOUR help to get there! See our Indiegogo campaign below:

Equals Zero Design is Going to BattleBots!

It’s been a long time since Battlebots was last on the air, but this summer it’s coming back! BattleBots was the TV show which threw the founders of Equals Zero Designs headlong into a career of engineering and years of robot fighting. We’re therefore extremely proud to announce that we’re going to compete in the show with a brand new 250lb entry. If you find yourself in Vallejo, CA next week, you can be part of the taping for the new series to be aired on ABC in June, as well as possibly see us fight in our very first BattleBots tournament.
Here is a preview of our entry…



Pursuant to this, there will be a shipping delay from 5/15 to 5/25. Any orders placed during this time will be shipped during the week of 5/15!

A New Rage is Coming… And a Shipping Hiatus

Work is going steadily on RageBridge 2, set for release in Spring 2015. Check out the prototype! There will probably be a few more board revisions, but the hardware remains the same: real MOSFETs, easily heat sink-able one-board design, and the smart current limiting you know and love RageBridge for!

Ragebridge 2 version 1Single power inputs and more flexible configuration options are just two updated features of RageBridge 2.

Orders placed between 12/12/2014 and 1/04/2015 will be shipped the week of 1/05/2015。

We are visiting the electronics manufacturing capital of the world, Shenzhen. Stay tuned for more details!