An exciting year for Equals Zero Designs! BattleBots Season 2 and the Release of RageBridge 2

It’s good to be back! After a few months spent pushing RageBridge 2 to production following our wildly successful Indiegogo campaign, we’re ready to make it generally available for everyone. Dozens of preordered units have been proven in the field now, and the early backers have given us a chance to pound out the last few bugs and make some minor edits to the firmware so RageBridge 2 can perform flawlessly in nearly any application.RageBridge 2The timing is excellent, because we’re also proud to announce Equals Zero Robotics, our competitive robotics sports division and “factory racing team”, for BattleBots Season 2 and onwards! During Season 1, Equals Zero Robotics was part of Team JACD. Now, JACD members are forging ahead with their own entries – so check out the Team JACD facepage for info on that.

One of the founding foals of Equals Zero Designs was to make engineering and making accessible to as many people as possible based on the principles of open-source and transparent development, as well as encouraging learning-by-doing by making our products highly customizable.

In this spirit, we plan on documenting the entire design and build process of Overhaul 2 and, after the season has run its course and the TV episodes have finished airing, making public the design and fabrication documentation for the robot including CAD models, technical drawings, and design analyses. We want to make Overhaul 2 the first “open source” BattleBot, and it will be packing a whole lot of new and interesting technologies to push the sport foward! Overhaul 2’s build reports will be kept over at Charles’ website,

Thanks to all of our customers, supporters, RageBridge 2 campaign backers, and fans for making 2016 potentially the most exciting year for Equals Zero Designs yet!

Stay tuned!

The RageBridge 2 Indiegogo Campaign

It is time.

We’ve heard your cries for MORE RAGE! and are now answering with the much-anticipated RageBridge 2. We took the best features of RageBridge and improved upon packaging, reliability, and the accuracy and speed of the current limiting algorithm.

  • Newer MOSFETs and optimized switching speeds mean RageBridge 2 can handle more current than ever – 50 amps continuously (forever!).
  • New in RageBridge 2 is the “single channel” option, locking both sides in synchrony to allow you to run one higher-current motor!
  • Automatically-selecting inputs. Plug in an analog joystick and you have an instant electric vehicle controller. Give it an R/C radio and drive your robot or ROV! Send it serial packets and have lightning-fast, glitch-free response. All while your load is protected by the current limiting algorithm.

We hope RageBridge 2 will become a new standard in DC motor controllers, and we need YOUR help to get there! See our Indiegogo campaign below:

Equals Zero Design is Going to BattleBots!

It’s been a long time since Battlebots was last on the air, but this summer it’s coming back! BattleBots was the TV show which threw the founders of Equals Zero Designs headlong into a career of engineering and years of robot fighting. We’re therefore extremely proud to announce that we’re going to compete in the show with a brand new 250lb entry. If you find yourself in Vallejo, CA next week, you can be part of the taping for the new series to be aired on ABC in June, as well as possibly see us fight in our very first BattleBots tournament.
Here is a preview of our entry…



Pursuant to this, there will be a shipping delay from 5/15 to 5/25. Any orders placed during this time will be shipped during the week of 5/15!

A New Rage is Coming… And a Shipping Hiatus

Work is going steadily on RageBridge 2, set for release in Spring 2015. Check out the prototype! There will probably be a few more board revisions, but the hardware remains the same: real MOSFETs, easily heat sink-able one-board design, and the smart current limiting you know and love RageBridge for!

Ragebridge 2 version 1Single power inputs and more flexible configuration options are just two updated features of RageBridge 2.

Orders placed between 12/12/2014 and 1/04/2015 will be shipped the week of 1/05/2015。

We are visiting the electronics manufacturing capital of the world, Shenzhen. Stay tuned for more details!

June Updates: Sensor Adapter Madness!

Here at Equals Zero, we try to stay on top of the latest developments in the hobby electric vehicle world. We count on your feedback and purchases to see when it’s time to develop a new model of Hall sensor mount for R/C outrunners.

Some of our customers recently have discovered that the SK3 63-54 line have an entirely different face design than the 6364 and 6374! We’re not sure why either, but we’ve developed a Hall sensor adapter to fit:

SK3 63-54 If you have a 63-54 type motor, please select the appropriate option from the Hall Effect Sensor Adapters page when purchasing.

Additionally, we’re aware that there may be in fact several different types of 80mm “C” motor in existence, and that the “C” adapter doesn’t properly fit some of them. We’re monitoring this particular situation and will update the design or develop a new one when it is confirmed!

As always, if you’re unsure about which type your motor is, feel free to contact us with a photo first. If we’re not sure either, you may elect to mail your motor to us and we will create a custom Hall sensor adapter just for it!

Equals Zero announces Alien Power System compatible Hall Effect Sensor Adapters

Recently, a new player in the game of using R/C aircraft and car model equipment in electric vehicle drives has emerged to fill the market left by the departure of Hobbyking from the larger motor sizes. That company is Alien Power System, and we’re now proud to announce Hall Effect sensor adapter rings which are designed to suit their 63mm and 80mm motors!

alienpowerOur Hall Sensor Boards in 63mm and 80mm sizes are already compatible with these motors! Go check the new adapters out now!

Equals Zero New Years’ Sale! Get Your DeWuts Now!

It’s time to prepare for the spring robot competition season! For a limited time, we’re offering some serious discounts on the following products:

  • DeWut?!, assembled with transmission for only $119. Just add a DeWalt motor of your voltage choice.
  • Fully assembled DeWut?! powerdrive system with 18v motor for only $169.
  • Why not pair these up with a versatile and powerful Ragebridge, now only $159?

Now is the time to outfit your robot with Equals Zero gear for the new competition season. Act quickly, before your robot finds out!

Site issues resolved; Orders are open again

Over the past week or so, we experienced some issues with our Paypal shopping cart that prevented orders from being placed. This was ultimately traced to errors in the Add to Cart button code. We’ve since resolved this problem, so once again, your orders are welcome! We’re sorry for any inconvenience (though we’re sure your robot still doesn’t know what’s going on!)

Equals Zero Products Place at Dragon*Con Robot Battles 2013

We’re proud to announce that the first and second place finishers at Robot Battles 2013 in the 30lb division ran RageBridge motor controllers! In first place is Nyx from Near Chaos Robotics, which used one RageBridge for powering its drivetrain:


Nyx is a heavily drive-centric pushing and lifting bot, so it was an excellent application of the RageBridge’s fine low-speed controllability and current-limiting function.

The 30lber runner-up is no other than our very own Überclocker, which ran RageBridges for both drivetrain and its multiple-articulated lifting fork:

RageBridge’s smart constant-current mode was crucial to the reliable functionality of the lifting fork and clamp. Without it, the motors powering these parts past their mechanical limits would have resulted in very high current draw and destruction of either motor or controller! RageBridge quickly cuts back the current to your preset level before terrible things can happen.

Furthermore, Überclocker uses three of our DeWut?! motors; two for drive, and one for lifting the main fork. The DeWuts pair extremely well in power with what RageBridge can supply, and the two combined are a formidable and demonstrated reliable combination for your robot.

Check out the heartstoppingly close finals match between these two bots!

Finally, placing third in the 12lb category, is Überclocker’s smaller twin, 12 O’Clocker:

Both 12 O’Clocker and Überclocker used one RageBridge for driving and another for actuating the fork and clamp motors.

Do you have an interesting application of Equals Zero products? Send us a link to a picture or build report at e0designs [at]!